Session types

What manner of thing is this?

Practical Drachenwald has a variety of things on offer and not just themes for classes. You will see three types of offering in the schedule, here is a brief description of what that means and what you can expect when you join one.

All sessions will be in English, unless otherwise stated

A Class

The traditional (in a very broad definition of “traditional”) SCA Class, think keynote speaker at a conference. One or two people giving a talk of some kind on a subject followed by a Q&A at the end.

A Panel

The format you are more used to seeing at conventions, two or more people with a moderator having a directed conversation about a topic, or topics. Plenty of chance for you to participate and dig into the ideas and views of the panelists.

A Workshop

Very aptly a practical session, where you can work through creating materials to use elsewhere with the help of a teacher. Any requirements for tech and or materials will be provided in advance