Addressing parental needs at events: making participation easier and less stressful for families.

Saturday 1045 – 1145 CET

Parents and SCA Events

Especially for parents with smaller children, attending SCA events is not always an easy thing. Far too easily this can turn into “the same stuff as at home, but with far worse logistics” – leading to parents deciding to skip an event or even their SCA presence in total. And in addition, parents often have to figure out among themselves how they can attend an event, take care of their children’s needs and participate in at least some of the things they enjoy in the SCA.

At the same time, for those organizing events parents may seem to be a difficult type of “customer”. Their needs, habits and ways of doing things often are very individual – while some parents may totally like things done in a certain way, others may not like this at all.

We would like to share our experiences from our first decade as SCA parents but also those from other SCA parents we know – and discuss some suggestions and tips on how event organizers can make event attendance easier for parents while not being overburdened with additional work.