Meet Our Presenters

Margaret de Mey is the current Drachenwald Kingdom Seneschal. She’s been a society member for 20 years, participating in a wide range of SCA activities including dance, kingdom administration, royal retaining and dish washing.  She hails originally from the Barony of Carolingia in the East Kingdom but now resides in the Shire of Polderslot.  

Margaret will be leading a panel discussion alongside the Regional Seneschals on tips for being a group seneschal.
This will answer a variety of questions often brought up regarding an SCA Seneschal position, such as what exactly does the role entail, what is reporting all about, working with other officers, and how to make this position rewarding and fun. Please join the Drachenwald Kingdom and Regional Seneschals for this review and discussion.

Guy de Dinan is a 1460s Breton mercenary archer, brought over in support of Edward IV and hoping to enjoy the king’s peace as a brewer in the Fens of Cambridge.  

Adam Edwards is a contracting civil servant, working in British politics since the 1990s. He specialises in project management and support, and has combined this with nearly thirty years of event and organisation building, organising his first public convention aged 14.  

Running recruitment campaigns for political societies, campaign groups, the British Army, sports clubs, professional associations and charities, he has applied the lessons learned (both from successes and failures) to SCA demonstrations and advertising.

For Practical Drachenwald, he will be concentrating on what is and is not a successful demo, drawing upon Worldcon 2014, and other efforts.

Yannick, errant son of a minor French Noble, spent the whole of the year 1320 locked down in the Priory at Bretton, hoping to stay clear of the great plague. He failed. Now, though scarred by the horrors of sourdough, buboes, pestilence and eternal isolation, he ventures forth amongst the people once more.

Mundanely a sound engineer and technician, he has for more years than can be counted on fingers and toes been making music and doing those things which make making music happen. From bassist then roadie to engineer and producer. He has picked up a very particular set of skills along the way.

In the SCA, I am Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, from the Kingdom of Lochac. My focus is on early 16th century German, but I love many crafts including sewing, cooking, medieval camping and embroidery. Within the Society, I have run many Kingdom-wide embroidery projects, managed major SCA events and coordinated local Baronial projects.

Mundanely, I am Robyn Spencer. I have had a varied career as a technical trainer, system designer and business analyst. I spent many years as a professional project manager for major government infrastructure projects, and as a ‘project rescue’ consultant.

My class will cover what good Project Management looks like, and how to apply it to both group and personal projects within the SCA.  How to choose the right project, establish a vision, plan all aspects, manage, communicate, and complete – so both you and your team enjoy the process as well as the outcome!

Andreas Blacwode is a late 12th century Anglo-Norman soldier, clerk, and poet-bard, and has been an active member of the SCA since AS 19, almost all of it in the MidRealm.  He was a big part of getting Rapier Combat started in the MidRealm, and he’s currently heavily involved in court scripting and court heraldry, and writing ceremonies and scroll texts, and became the Chancellor of the Midrealm Royal University this past August. 

Elevated to the Order of the Pelican almost thirty years to the day after his first event, Andreas has two protégés, and spends a lot of time thinking about peer-dependent relationships, communications, and conflict resolution in the SCA.

Drew Nicholson is a Project Portfolio Lead for a multi-national corporate real-estate company, managing projects and project managers all over the world.  A certified Project Management Professional and Advanced Certified Scrum Master, Drew also focuses on Mentoring, Facilitation, and Professional Coaching.  He lives west of Chicago with his wife, two children and three dogs, for whom Conflict Resolution methodology doesn’t work as well.

Picture by Aggie Powell-Berger.

The Honorable Lady Nyvein has been a member of the SCA for over 12 years, lived in three kingdoms across three different time zones, and enjoys participating in rapier, bardic, and dance activities.  Most recently, she completed a four-year term as the Seneschal of the Shire of Roxbury Mill, during which time the Shire grew from roughly 10 members to almost 100.  The concepts and strategies that were honed during those years as seneschal will be the central focus of the class she is co-teaching with Ishmael Reed, who is the current Shire seneschal.

The Honorable Lord Ishmael Stedfast Reed has played in the SCA for 5 years in the kingdom of Atlantia. He is a bard, rapier fighter, tailor, and more. As the Deputy Seneschal under Nyvein and now as the Seneschal proper, Ishmael worked to grow and tend the Shire’s rapidly-growing population. In particular, the pedagogical and game design theories Ishmael uses modernly were essential in this work, and will be a major subject in the class he is co-teaching with Lady Nyvein.

Maestra Ellisif Gydasdottir, a noble weaver and favored lady of the courts of Norman Sicily delights in the pleasures of the thread and the sparkle of spun gold.

Libby Cripps, a resident of Germany, has a long running passion for communication, teaching, and arts.  She enjoys making complex projects accessible.  
Getting Past the Algorithm:  Creating Images that convey information about events and catch the eye of readers on social media.  We’ll cover key aspects to making clean but appealing graphics using free resources and market tools.

Agnes Odygd is a Viking woman with her roots deep in the Norse trading routes to the east in Gårdarike and Miklagård. She freely mixes her traditional Birka clothes with elements from Kiev and Novgorod. In the SCA I have done a lot of feast-o-crating and also a lot of officer/board member work. I create scrolls and am a fanatic Scandinavian folklore/myth person. Nothing makes me as happy as if I can nerd about tomtar, alfer and trolls (the folklore version, not the internet version).

Agnes Edgren is a Swedish former correctional officer that now is studying to get a Bachelor in Gender studies. During my years working at a max security prison I have learned a lot and also been holding lessons how to handle both stressful situations as well as stressed and aggressive people. Both from my work within the prison and earlier with work at the University I have been teaching groups about the importance of equality and how to respond to Master Suppression Techniques. Techniques that some people use to manipulate the situation to get their way.
During my class about stress and how to handle stress I will talk a bit about how the brain functions during stress, the fight and flight reaction and both how to notice one’s own stress signals and get out of bad situations before it gets really bad. I will also talk about how you can help others that are in a very bad stressful situation. I will also be part of the Equality panel and hope to be able to give you some good tools on how to work with equality and our Code of Conduct.

Gilbert Blakthorn is one of the younger sons of a noble family from northern England in the 13th century. While seeking his fortune he ended up in the northern parts of Barony of Aarnimetsä. There he has resided almost 30 years now and is known to enjoy just about every aspect of the Dream.

In my mundane life, I’m living in Finland in a multicultural, lingual and specie-al family with a wife, kids and a whole arrangement of pets. For a living I work in the field of civil engineering. You know, the guy who ruins everyone’s life by digging holes into the streets for no obvious reason. Other than that I spend my time reading, crafting, gaming and dozens of other things that SCA ties up into a nice bundle.

Currently Gilbert is the Baron of Aarnimetsä and a member of the Drachenwald’s law council as well as DEI council.

Her Royal Majesty Eila de Valois is a central European noble (though she dabbles in everything between the Nordic Viking age era and 16th century German landsknechts). She travels far and wide through both place and time and enjoys arts and crafts of many kinds, such as theatrical, textile and martial arts. She is an avid fighter, archer and seamstress and enjoys music, dance and feasts, and has recently ascended the throne of our beloved Drachenwald.

Mundanely, Isabelle has been a part of the SCA since she was a toddler and could be seen in the various dresses her mother Conztel (Constance) made her. Isabelle has been a part of the society for roughly 26 years and the society has always been, and always will be, part of her.

She works with, and is going to talk about social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok where she is currently exploring her joint passion with the medieval dream and photography (and moving picture). She will discuss how we use social media, how we reach out to our community and form new ways of connection and communication, and how creation is endless in the face of imagination. Lastly, she asks herself and all present, whether social media can be, or ought to be, a modern recruiting ground for new members and what that means for our society at large.

Alessandra di Riario ran away from an inconvenient marriage proposal to join the mercenaries dressed as a man, and is rumored to have a twin sister who is a venetian courtesan. Having seen several campaigning seasons, she is now Sergeant-at-Arms to Master Yannick, holding the peace in the Shire of Pont Alarch.

Alessandra Volunteered for a Shire officer position not long after joining the SCA in 2014 and is currently serving the Principality of Insulae Draconis as Chatelaine. Despite describing herself as “the world’s least corporate person”  she has run teams for volunteer events for over 20 years in fandom  and the charity sector. An indication of her passion for serving and personal experience with juggling  the “holy trinity ” of family (Lord plus four cats, ) work ( retail) and hobb(ies) is her possession of  a T- shirt inherited from the founder of Eastercon which reads “Stop me before I volunteer again”.

Alessandra’s workshop will be focusing on what makes a good officer, the perceptions, myths and realities of volunteering to run our club avoiding burnout and encouraging new volunteers. 

Caitriona of the Ravens has been in the SCA for about 20 years. She’s served as an officer from local to kingdom level, presently being the University Chancellor.
She has also organised events from local practices to kingdom level including the transition of Kingdom University to an online event. She resides in the shire of Glen Rathlin.
Caitriona Byrne is a practicing immunologist and ex physiologist. 
Caitriona’s class will be on Planning, Organising, and Running Events the Mistress Cait way.
The class will be a discussion on how Caitriona gets events done. From local to kingdom, including prior to bid, bids, organising, on the day running, staff and hopefully how not to burnout. 

Giata Magdalena Alberti is a late 15th-century Florentine living in Venice. She passes her time spending her condottieri husband’s money and entertaining the visitors of her father’s house in Venice by hosting weekly salons. Her hobbies include working on herbal medicinal/cosmetic experiments, occasional hawking, mediating contests of skill and chance, and traveling to Mantua, Bologna, Milan, and Ferrara to visit her friends at court.

Elevated to the Order of the Laurel in 2015, Giata has founded and led an immersive A&S department at Gulf Wars, founded and stewarded the first virtual Known World Italian Symposium, and works to promote quintessential Salone culture across the Known World. She was the inaugural interim corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer for SCA, Inc. and now serves as the first Black, female board member for the organization as well as the ombudsman for DEI and the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

Gigi Coulson, M.S. worked for the federal government for over 15 years as a social scientist and biologist. She was environmental project lead for billion-dollar natural resource projects critical to ecological and economic stability for the nation. She has experience in both qualitative and quantitative social assessments, environmental impact statements, diversity initiatives, program management, project planning, environmental justice, conflict resolution, policy creation, and training program development. Now retired, she lives her passion for sociocultural anthropology, living history, learning, and teaching.

Magister Æthestan of Wortham is a sixth century Angle and 13th century friar. Based in Knights Crossing, he is a former Earl Marshal of Drachenwald, has a strong interest in tourney culture, and leads a service household called Wortham Priory.

Adam Lawrence is a top-selling author on innovation and co-creation, working worldwide and teaching regularly at universities in Madrid, Nuremberg, Hong Kong and elsewhere. He co-initiated the world’s biggest service innovation event – creating a volunteer community of more than ten-thousand participants in hundreds of cities worldwide, all with no budget and no staff.

Picture by Daniel Styringheim

Katherina Mornewegh is a rich merchant’s daughter from the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. Her interests include everything that makes up 14th century lifestyle, from textile crafts to cosmetics, cooking and calligraphy. She serves as the current Baroness of Knight’s Crossing.

Hanna Gelszus has a background in theatre costuming, is the mother of two school-age girls and supports her husband’s business in the accounting department.

William Gifford joined King Edward III. in his expedition to France as an archer, but soon exchanged the bow for a glaive and better armour. When peace was declared, he journeyed on, entering the service of a German knight and winning the heart of his beautiful wife. Together with his wife, he serves as the current Baronial couple of Knight’s Crossing

Dr. Christian Gelszus runs a small 2nd generation family business in the field of market research and consulting and enjoys his role as nerd dad.

Yda v Boulogne took over the web minister’s office 2 years ago and in the time since she’s turned google sheets into a database and automatised almost all the copy/paste work that used to take up all the available volunteering time for the web minister.

She thinks we should let computers do the bureaucracy so we can have more fun.

Ask her about forms, google app script and how to reduce the bureaucracy in your office.

Better SCA living through modern technology!

Catherine Weaver has been a member of the SCA since around 2008 and will generally tell you that she’s in it for the string and the company. At events, you will often find her either engaging in fibre arts, talking about them or helping in the kitchens.

Outside the SCA, Catherine works as an online tutor and writes books about tablet weaving. Over the last year she has also been making and posting videos about tablet weaving on both Instagram and her YouTube channel. She and her husband have built a website that allows the user to create their own tablet weaving drafts online.

Master Edricus Filius Offae (OP). Aka Jonas Evertsson has been active in the SCA since mid 90s regularly since 2005.

Former Kingdom Seneschal of Drachenwald, current Kingdom Social Media Officer, elevated to the order of the Pelican in may 2018.

Mundanely he has over the past 10 years worked for the Swedish social security agency with implementing continuous improvement/ lean, production systems, information management (enterprise architecture). Certified change manager by the PROCI method.

Agnes Boncuer (she/her or they/them) time travels around North Western Europe between the late 12th and early 14th centuries as the mood takes her. She lives and breathes the art of chivalric combat. Her other favoured pastimes include costuming & embroidery, cookery, domestic skills and the heraldic and bardic arts. During her time in Drachenwald, she has served many a Crown as a herald and retinue member. She now serves Duke Sean Tarragon of Artemisia as his squire.

In the Society, Agnes has held numerous officerships at the Shire, Principality and Kingdom level. She has organised several events and is the main steward of the first long camping event on the island of Ireland in June 2022. She is one of the founding members of the Dawn Company, an armoured fighters group in the Principality of Insulae Draconis dedicated to championing and promoting heavy fighting. The group held weekly online fighter practices throughout the pandemic as well as several special events. Agnes is a keen trainer and coach who dreams of one day being counted as one of the Society’s great coaches. In all her activities, Agnes is motivated by her desire to make the Society better and more relevant to all its members.

Dr Nina Shiel (PhD) works as a researcher in Ireland’s premier university, as part of a multinational project to evaluate and improve structures and practices around gender-informed research and research ethics across several European universities.

Agnes led the formation of the Drachenwald DEI Council as well as the compilation of the kingdom’s Code of Conduct, before stepping away for a year to let the Council settle into its function and to let others take the driving seat. She is now a member of the DEI Council and is looking forward to participating in the Equality panel.