Meet Our Event Team

Lord Guy de Dinan is steward of this event. A long-time organiser, whose event-building goes back to schooldays, he has since delivered several demos, including at Worldcon 2014. More recently, he was co-steward of the Online Kingdom University 2020, and To Uncrown A King – a symposium to commemorate several key dates of the Wars of the Roses.

In the SCA, he is an avid brewer, archer and sometime fencer living in Cambridge, Flintheath.

Lord Svetoslav Sokolov is the scheduling organiser for this event. Until recently, Svetoslav has been a stalwart member of the College of St John of Rila in Bulgaria, where he was part of the team for the Drachenwald 25th Year celebrations in 2018.

He is a master Archer and marshal, and has recently relocated to Polderslot to study at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Noble Henric van den Casteele is managing social media and publicity.

As social media officer for the principality, they spend more time playing around on Canva than they care to admit, and otherwise busy themselves with garb-making, playing the lute, and fencing. In addition, they’re assisting Lady Pernel Challoner with making Insulae Draconis a more equitable and inclusive group.

Shirin Duxt Feroz is the webminister for this event, looking after these pages as well as providing a voice of sanity in the proceedings. She is a veteran of several SCA events in-person and online, as well as holding extensive experience in the logistics and organisation of large conventions.

Arianhwy Wen bonesig is the committee corps de chien (general dogsbody). She has held offices at local, principality, and kingdom levels for over thirty years. She ran events until they did bad things to her health, and has arranged and run demos. She was certified disabled at age sixteen, and the only thing that will pry her off the archery range is shiny shiny gaming.

Master Yannick of Normandy is our Tech Guru, having a prodigious capacity for developing the dark arts of electronica in service to the Kingdom. He has delivered more zoom events and Discord channels than anyone can remember. Mundanely, a sound engineer, videographer, musician and technician, Yannick is also the driving force behind the Drachenwald Unified Media Project.

A reformed ex-Prince, Yannick also espouses archery, armoured and rapier combat, pie and sheep-chasing.

Katherine Yorke is providing Tech Support for the event. She has been part of the KU2020 and To Uncrown A King teams, and is a keen photographer and videographer, having recently finished her degree in Cambridge and escaping to the wilds of Yorkshire.