But we have always done it this way – figuring out what to do when things don’t rock

Saturday 1415 to 1515 CET

“In another Kingdom, they do it like this…”
“I’m sure we could just…”
“I know how to handle this….”

The Society, and the context of our game, is changing fast. That is a huge opportunity, but also one which brings risk. One of the greatest dangers is to think that we understand our new challenges and are able to handle them with our old tools. Usually, this leads to “a great solution to the wrong problem” – or no solution at all.

The SCA is not alone in facing a changing world, but in recent years organisations have noticed that new types of problems need new approaches to problem-solving. They have adopted lightweight and effective ways to understand their context and safely evolve old and new solutions, learning by doing. It’s my profession to help people learn these ways of working (which some call Human Centred Design, Design Thinking, or other “bullsh*t bingo” names) and I’d like to share some of these useful behaviours and mindsets with Drachenwald.

They are used successfully by non-profits, start-ups, corporations, public services, and even militaries. I think they can be incredibly valuable to us.

Please note: this is not a session offering answers to our challenges – because nobody has those answers yet. Instead, it’s a session on how we can develop our game together. You will also find these skills useful at your work and in your personal life.