One week to go

A quick update on sign ups from the Steward.

In Memory of the Lord Reinoud

An obituary for the late Lord Reinoud van Heemschmare, a member of the Practical Drachenwald team.

Prior Preparations:

The season has definitely changed, the students have returned to the university up the road, and I find myself cooking and storing soups and stews ready for my own form of hygge. …

The Winds of Autumn:

As we prepare for winter, so too is the team preparing for the Practical Drachenwald Symposium…

Towards The Dawn:

As we head into an autumn of delicate returns to in-person activity, whether at the local level of fighter practices, meeting old friends over a drink of coffee or beer, or full-on camping events, there has been a flourish of creativity and innovation amongst our groups.

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