All the Stages: a World: Social Media, tips and tools

Sunday 1000 – 1130 CET

The Great Shutdown of SCA activity of the last eightneen months was an accerlerant in demand for online information and social media activity, something the SCA has to a varying degree been able to meet. New and existing members wanted more and social media is now a key plank to SCA recritment, visibility and dissemination of information, and is here to stay.

It is not all plain-sailing, there are still plenty of traps and pitfalls to avoid, as well as risks in messaging and online safety. However, SCA social media is still yet to reach its full potential, and our panel will be sharing their experience to help us on our way.

Her Majesty Eila creates TikTok videos across a wide variety of hobby topics, amassing nearly 57000 subscribers.

Lord Iago runs The Welsh Viking Youtube Channel, adding nearly 36000 subscribers to his content.

Mistress Eilisf is an experienced graphics designer, creating Images that convey information about events and catch the eye of readers on social media.

Together, they will be discussing what makes a success in the online world, and how the SCA can benefit.

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