Prior Preparations

The season has definitely changed, the students have returned to the university up the road, and I find myself cooking and storing soups and stews ready for my own form of hygge.

This perspective lends itself well to looking forward and planning for the future of SCA activity. General Eisenhower is often quoted as saying that he found plans to be useless, but the planning process invaluable. I certainly am in agreement with him professionally, working in government. SCA-wise, it also applies, in that there is no one true way of doing something, however, the effort spent in planning your project, event, website or group development does pay off in spades through identifying, considering and testing the aims and needs to accomplish what you have set out to do.

Through this process, you will build up a flexibility of approach to meet your ambitions in improving this community of ours, facet by facet. Practical Drachenwald is no different. We are an evolving team, learning from some early problems and refining how we intend to deliver the information you need to decide which class, workshop or panel to attend. From the start, this has been declared a learning exercise to our members, as much as the event itself is designed to impart learning, ideas and conversations.

The SCA is a shark, it must keep moving, or it will die. Hanging the responsibility to organise the game on the same people year-in year-out not only concentrates and fossilises that organisational experience into a service elite, it also exacerbates burn-out and loss of members. A central tenet of these enterprises is to bring in two-three new people at each event, to widen the experience of the decision-making, challenges and occasionally mistakes made behind and in front of the curtain of an event team.

Thus, the learning is constant. Responsibility needs to be shared and newer members brought in. I recall news of an excellent event run in Polderslot by the youth members there. We need more of that. Now, as Practical Drachenwald is by-and-large complete and ready for January, we can continue with the winter preparations, both SCA and personal.


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