The Winds of Autumn

As we prepare for winter, so too is the team preparing for the Practical Drachenwald Symposium

It has been a promising start as many members have responded with offers of classes, panels and workshops.

As a development since the Kingdom University 2020 and To Uncrown A King online weekends, we are going to try out differing formats:

The Class. This is the typical online delivery – a teacher with a presentation, lecturing on their subject. This will be on a set topic, and likely to last about 45 minutes to an hour.

The Panel. This is a new format for this team. We are planning on having two-three presenters coming together to discuss a general topic, each bringing their experience and perspective and chaired by a host. Questions from the audience will be encouraged and canvassed for beforehand. We expect these to be around 90 minutes or so, depending on the topic.

The Workshop. Another new format. We are going to host sessions where there is active participation, with the idea that all attendees will come away from the learning experience with their own ideas and materials to use as part of their own activities and shires. These sessions will last for as long as the workshop leader requests.

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