Towards The Dawn

As we head into an autumn of delicate returns to in-person activity, whether at the local level of fighter practices, meeting old friends over a drink of coffee or beer, or full-on camping events, there has been a flourish of creativity and innovation amongst our groups.

The great lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 saw scores of our members determined not to let the spirit of the SCA be starved of the oxygen it needs to bring the light, warmth and joy we seek from our community. Whilst online has not been for everyone, and we look forward to welcoming back our friends from all walks and circumstances of life, this challenge was taken on with aggressive energy across the Kingdom.

This longest and darkest of reigns, kept sentinal by Royals and Officers alike rising to the challenge, has also offered a pause to think and reflect about what we can do and offer. Questions as to why certain acts, rituals and formats of our game have been asked. What can we learn from both our migration online and reflections of what we do?

How can we make our game wider, more hospitable and accessible to new ad old members?

How can we find new audiences and tempt them forth into participating in our historical adventures?

What new ideas, or even repurposed and re-vitalised old ideas, can we pass on to others and make sure that Drachenwald is in fighting shape to put fighters on the field, archers on the range, artisans and crafters to practice their skills and above all else, let everyone know about it?

As I write, that creative anachronism of ancient sport made modern, the Olympics, is on and demonstrating the vitality of community in the face of adversity, loss and tribulation. Everyone has a story to tell, and a right to honest pursuit of their dreams and enjoyment.

To steal the Olympic motto, we too can strive in our game to go faster, higher, stronger, together.


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