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28th January – 30th January 2022

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One week to go

Good morning everyone! Some good news, one week out from the event, I am pleased to report that we have 84 sign ups! This is beyond our expectations. We are hoping that everyone finds a nugget of wisdom to take away and try out, helping to enhance our Kingdom as it gradually and safely returnsContinue reading “One week to go”

TEDTalk for the SCA

Announcing a 4th session option Do you have your own Best Practice Tips and Tricks? Got an idea on how to improve our SCA experience? Daunted by the idea of filling an hour’s class? On Sunday afternoon, alongside a proposed Bardic Circle, We will be offering in addition to our Workshop, Panel and class formats,Continue reading “TEDTalk for the SCA”

In Memory of the Lord Reinoud

The late practical Drachenwald Zoom Host coordinator. The late Reinoud van Heemschmare only discovered the SCA by accident in April 2021, joining the Shire of Polderslot in the same month and jumping in with both feet. He enjoyed life as Pursuivant of Polderslot, specialising in boasting as well as name heraldry. He also had tooContinue reading “In Memory of the Lord Reinoud”

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